We’re looking to acquire and lead a business we believe in.

If you are a business owner thinking about what’s next or someone who knows of a business that may be a good fit, we would love to meet you.

Northwoods Project is exclusively focused on acquiring, operating, and growing a privately-owned business in the United States. Led by a driven entrepreneur and supported by a world-class team of partners and advisors, Northwoods Project is designed to grow a mature business and extend the legacy of its owners.

What we’re looking for

Northwoods Project is looking for a great business that we can acquire and grow for another generation. To us, this means products and services that support a solid foundation. Initially, we are excited to see a few characteristics:

Beyond these metrics, we are excited to build value in local communities, especially as it comes to closing the digital divide in the United States. We believe we offer a different opportunity for business owners to leave their legacy in capable hands.

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